CNA training

CNA training can be conducted both online and in classes.

A certified nursing assistant, CNA, is an individual with strong work ethics who helps patients with their health care needs with the supervision of a registered nurse. The roles of these individuals vary from nursing homes, hospitals, adult care centers or personal homes. These people act as the intermediaries between the patients and nurses by relaying information between the two parties. The key roles for these individuals mainly revolve around giving care to the patients and offering assistance with their day to day activities and handling the patients concerns. Due to the sensitive nature of the job, the nurses undergo thorough training which is offered in preparedness to the tasks the individuals undertake in handling the patients’ needs.

CNA training mainly covers certain areas of interest such as communication skills, how to assist the patients in their daily activities, how to assist patients towards meeting their nutrition needs, the common health problems, the basic life support, the safe patient health care delivery, mobility skills and body mechanisms. The training also involves laboratory practices where the students practice the vital signs, assisting the patients in moving around and also practicing the safe hygiene skills for the patients.

In order for a person to undertake the CNA training, one does not necessarily need a university degree. A person has to earn a certificate and pass the competency tests. However, this varies from country to country. Throughout the CNA training, a student learns more about infection controls, taking personal care and learning the vital signs and patients’ rights as well.

CNA training can be conducted both online and in classes. This however depends on the flexibility of the students working hours and thus students are encouraged when making applications to enroll in this course, they should check if the course is accredited by a recognized agency. The CNA training lasts between four to sixteen weeks depending on the institution the student is undertaking the course. After training and receiving certification, the students are required to work for a given period of time at the health care facilities they undertook the course.

CNA training helps students deliver the all the care a patient needs. The theories and in-class lessons helps students understand and learn more on handling patients. After successfully completing the in-class work, students begin the clinical work that allows them to work directly with patients in the selected health care facility. This is under the guidance of a licensed nurse. The training also is important since it assists students to transition from students to employees.

Building a Career in Alaska through its LPN Programs

LPN Programs in AlaskaAre you a nurse?  Are you planning to be one?  Are you a practical nurse?  If you are, do you plan for additional education even if you are already licensed?  Know what you want because Alaska is offering practical nursing program.  This LPN Programs in Alaska will bring a strong ladder for a stable career in health care.  Choosing Alaska for a career in healthcare is an easy goal because the program is viable to finish.  There can be a lot of questions in your mind regarding stability and feasibility.  Here are some:

  1. Is practical nursing fit for you?

Practical Nursing is considered the entry level in nursing.  It may be the lowest in the ladder of nursing career but not definitely the lowest step in the ladder of healthcare career.

  1. What are the requirements to become a Practical Nurse?

To become a practical nurse, you need not be a professional nurse.  Lesser education can qualify one.  Training is of a lot importance.

  1. How to commence a career in practical nurse?

Start the career in practical nurse through LPN or RN level.

The Program for Practical Nursing

If you have a certification in CNA, and have had prior trainings, then you can enroll for the practical nursing program.  The training will not take a lot of your time.  If you plan to build a career in Alaska, you need not be physically present in the state.  The academic courses required prior enrolment includes:

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Microbiology
  • Human development
  • Nutrition
  • Composition

There is also a requirement score on Test of Adult Basic Education.  On some institutions, rooms and boards are offered especially to enrollees who aim to relocate for the program.  Some offers dormitories and family housing.  Choose the institution that will provide the best comfort and big savings for you.

How much can you spare for the Schooling?

The tuition fee will run at about $5000 to $6000.  There are financial aids on the other hand like:

  • Pell Grants
  • Stafford Loans
  • Alaska Supplemental education
  • Native Students can have additional financial support

The Programs for Out of State Nursing

A lot of nursing students opt for this kind of program but will have to consider an equivalent education.  Aside from that, it must have an accreditation by the Commission on Education in Nursing.  Make sure to know about how many hours will be the clinical training.  Check on how they handle NCLEX.  Passing rates indicate quality of program.  Mostly, these are being published.  Consider retention rates as well.  Support is being offered by institutions to their students in overcoming challenges and obstacles as they continue to stay in school.

There are a lot of things to consider in making a career.  What is important is to attend school without compromising what is significant in life.  The cost of school is higher for comfort and this becomes bearable to students who would prefer a bit of ease while completing the course.

Getting Ready to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant

CNA Training SchoolsTo become a Certified Nursing Assistant, there are requirements to meet.  There will be training and certification test and you need to attend in any of the CNA Training Schools near your place or if you want to deal with your own time, there are online institutions to help you by.  If you have completed all these, you must know what traits you need to have to be able to become efficient and effective.  All Certified Nursing Assistants may vary in many ways but the successful ones have almost the same personalities like:

  • Compassion

Dealing with patients on a daily basis will require a whole deal of compassion as well as empathy.  There are times when you need to put your foot on your patients’ shoes to understand them well of how they feel.  This way, working with them will be easy.

  • Communication

Effective communication is important in efficient caring of patients because connection with healthcare workers will be possible and this is an integral means to pass patient statuses is.  With a lot of people and patients to deal with, vital information are handled and relayed to the right medical worker.  Therefore, empower that speaking skills.

  • Efficiency

Certified Nursing Assistants deal with many things.  Just imagine the list of patients to tend to and the schedule to finish on a daily basis.  The work will be under pressure and Certified Nursing Assistants must be systematic.  It is important to plan and prioritize and everything will fall into place quite well.

  • Patience

With the constant task like feeding, cleaning, and bathing, stress is the main course of the daily routine.  To be able to endure it all, bring with you a whole deal of patience.  Some patients can be hopeful while others might feel grumpy and hopeless.  Put a smile and work with fun to go through the day well.

  • Detail Oriented

The job for a CNA can be confusing because there are hundreds to thousands of patients to tend to.  If you have that skill to memorize the details, then work will be easy.  Even the littlest mistake can be harmful or worst-fatal to patient.   Observe and pick out all details and relay it to the nurse in charge.

  • Professional Attitude

Being professional is being respectful to all people.  If you are working, always remember that all people have bad days.  Therefore, draw the line between your job and your personal life.  Bring in confidence and working will be fun and easy.

  • Determination

Balance all the tasks and responsibilities given to you.  There are patients that are hard to deal with and optimism and smile will not be enough to perk them up.  With an iron-clad determination, working will not be in vain.

  • Team Player

Work with a team.  Work as a team.

  • Savvy

Understand what your facility operates on.  Know how to manage your patients well.  There are times when you need to individualize management.

  • Optimism

Work is never easy especially when the schedule is tight, the patients are difficult, and there are more needs to handle.  Be sunny.  If you are not, give in to the traits above.

Be a Certified Nursing Assistant in Alabama

CNA Classes in AlabamaWhat can be more rewarding where career is concerned than become a Certified Nursing Assistant?  Before, the opportunities are unheard of but now, the average starting salary per annum in Alabama is a whopping $30,000!  With this, there are varieties of CNA Classes in Alabama worth attending to.

Certified Nursing Assistant in Alabama: Roles and Duties

The course of work of registered nurses seems to be alike of what a Certified Nursing Assistants do.  The difference with job descriptions is that the Certified Nursing Assistants do not administer medications.  The Certified Nursing Assistants work in a private or public setting for health care like:

  • Hospital
  • Home care
  • Nursing home

It is a fact that the sector for health care is in a face paced setting.  This means that all movements are fast and changes rapidly.  It is therefore important that Certified Nursing Assistants must be able to adapt well so that all challenges will be accepted and will be dealt well easily.

Training and Classes in Alabama

If you are considering a CNA position in Alabama, there are characteristics you need to have to become an efficient one.  The qualities of a Certified Nursing Assistant include:

  • Caring
  • Compassionate
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Flexible
  • Wide understanding

Certified Nursing Assistants utilize their skills on a daily basis and are open to accommodate better and newest methods as they work well with nurses.  If you want to make it a career, Alabama requires training and certification successfully accomplished to be allowed for practice.  If you set your goal to be a Certified Nursing Assistant, prepare for the training and test.  There are online institutions to help you with the requirements.

How to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Alabama

If you are setting a career in Certified Nursing Assistance in Alabama, there is no need for a high school diploma or its equivalent (GED) for the needed certification or training course.  Most high school students choose to enroll for training program as Certified Nursing Assistant and prepare for the certification exam as they complete their high school so that they can qualify as such.  The training can be completed in 12 weeks and can cost at about $1000.  If you are tight in the budget, there are institutions that are willing to subsidize in exchange for work upon completion of the training and passing the certification.

Just imagine the chance to be at par with would be Certified Nursing Assistants from other states.  If you pass it in Alabama, your dream of becoming a health ally will be realized!  The training program includes CPR and first aid.  You will be trained in how to take the vital signs of the patient (blood pressure, respiratory rate, heart rate, etc.), infection control, and also the ABC’s of medical care.  You will also understand different medical terminologists used.

Build your future by reaching for your dreams!  Since the medical field is booming, update yourself with all the strategies and training that can make you become one.

The Role and Price of Being a Certified Nurse Assistant

CNA SalaryIn the medical field, the health care service is being alleviated to bring the best medical services.  A lot of people see medical career as a better choice in making a living not to mention the nobility of the purpose.  If you are eyeing to become a Certified Nurse Assistant, the average CNA Salary in the United States is $11.10 per hour.  Who are Certified Nurse Assistants?  These are the people who provide health care services to patients who cannot take care of themselves.  These are often given in nursing homes and other facilities that need assistance.  The roles of Certified Nurse Assistants are as follows:

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Eating
  • Grooming
  • Transfers
  • Mobility
  • Positioning

These kinds of careers tend to multiple patients with different kinds of needs and personal abilities.  Therefore, it is essential for them to be equipped with the knowledge and skill in dealing, caring, administering, and being sensitive to the individualized needs of every patient.

Type of Jobs for Certified Nurse Assistants:

Certified Nurse Assistants can be offered full time positions or part time positions.  If you want a flexible schedule, get a part time.  This way, you can tend to other responsibilities while making a career.  Aside from that, you can pave the way for night shifts.  It is essential though to empower customer service skills to be able to appease patients during their hard condition.  Because Certified Nurse Assistants work in a bigger network of medical workers, the power to communicate well with co-workers will bring effective and better care.  Certified Nurse Assistants are responsible in reporting changes in the status of patients to the nurse or doctor in charge.  The physical strength of Certified Nurse Assistants must be of best status because the course of their work include mostly walking and standing during the whole shift while making rounds.  There will be transfers of patients from one place to another.  Certified Nurse Assistants must be able to lift well.  Aside from being able to give health care services, they must be able to tend to the environment of the patients.  They must keep cleanliness in their housekeeping tasks.  What can truly make them assume the Certified Nurse Assistant role?

  • Education
  • Training
  • Valid certification

Additional Tasks of Certified Nurse Assistants

Aside from the basic role of Certified Nurse Assistants like positioning, bathing, assisting, feeding, and dressing patients; they also observe the condition of every patient.  It is also their responsibility to note and measure their intake of liquid and food along with the patients’ vital signs and output.  All changes must be reported at once to the in charge nurse or doctor.  As Certified Nurse Assistants are being supervised by registered nurse of other medical professionals, they are the ones in direct assisting the patients.  During ambulation and other needed movements, they too are making the assistance.

The role of a Certified Nurse Assistant is as vital as any medical professional in any medical setting.  If you dream of becoming one, pursue a career now.  Today, you can have it online.  Check out the institutions who offer online training now.

What is a Certified Nursing Assistance?

CNA certificationA Certified Nursing Assistant is a medical ally providing healthcare services being supervised by a registered nurse (RN) or a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).  This is also referred as:

  • Nursing Assistant (NA)
  • Patient Care Assistant (PCA)
  • State Tested Nurse Aid (STNA)

A Certified Nursing Assistant’s scope of work varies on the place of work and the place of residency.  The work settings include hospitals, personal homes, nursing homes, adult day care centers, and assisted living facilities.  These work settings are being supervised by RN or LPN.  Certified Nursing Assistance is the liaison between the patient and the supervising nurse.  This means that Certified Nursing Assistance relays all the information about the patients to the nurse in charge.

Essential Roles of Certified Nursing Assistants

  • Gathers vital information of patients and transmit it to the nurse in charged.
  • Provide healthcare services as supervised by a registered nurse or a Licensed Practical nurse.
  • Governs medications and treatments (suppositories, catheterizations, enemas, douches, irrigations, massages as supervised by a physician or a registered nurse.
  • Responsible in cleaning and sanitizing patient’s room and other areas patients frequent.
  • Report and document all observations, complaints, and other pertinent symptoms to nurses in charged.
  • Responsible in applying clean dressings, stockings, support bandages, slings, etc under nurse or physician’s direction.

The duties of a CNA may not be of glamour but if you target for a medical position that is hands on and helpful or handful in curing sickness, ease depression, and lighten the well being of sick people at the time they need it.  The workload may be intense and fast pacing but these are the needed skills to get ailing patients recuperate faster.  If there is the desire to help patients, CNAs can get through the hard work load easier.

How to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant?

  • A high school diploma or GED
  • Post secondary nursing instruction
  • Pass examination for certification
  • A degree is not a requirement but helps for career advancement

Salary and Benefits

CNA receives an hourly salary.  This means that there is fluctuation of earnings because it will depend on how many hours you worked.  The BLS noted that the mean annual wage for medical assistant is $31,220.  The mean on the other hand for registered nurses is $69,790 annually while a home health aide is $22,400 annually.  The factors that affect the rate of pay are location and job availability.

Advancement and Success

Training will bring skills.  Certificate will give you the proof of trainings and licensure.  In building a career, it is important to build yourself well and this will be realized with the right education and proper trainings.  With the opportunity available worldwide on an online portal, all people can now grab the chance to advance well.  Aside from getting the education, the doors for a better career can be experienced as well.  So, what are you waiting for?  If you want to experience giving medical service via nursing assistance, possibility is surging up.

Certified Nursing Assistant Training is Made Easy Online

CNA training onlineToday, there are a lot of web based trainings and programs to help mankind win the quest for success and life’s complexities.  If you’re main target is to get a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant then worry no more because there are great programs you can choose from varieties of institutions.  If you are already working but would like to pursue a certification in Certified Nursing Assistant in the pace that you prefer, you can consider for a CNA training online.  This is actually the best way to realize your dream.  Just imagine the comfort of learning online.  Online trainings and programs are designed for CNA and other medical support allies.  Usually, there is a requirement of clinical experience but the needed knowledge and skills can be attained online.  It is a fact that education raises the chance for a stable employment.


All Certified Nursing Assistant Trainings and Programs are worth the time and money because these are accredited.  Accreditation of online institutions are allowed now because of it’s’ highly competitive programs and various subjects to promote the required knowledge and skills.  Other schools offer specializations on diverse areas while some concentrate on nursing and nursing assistant skills.  The program does not include nursing aide but you can inquire about other nursing related information.


There may be a lot of questions as to why and how online Certified Nursing Assistant Training works but the course is set at helping nurses and assistants get through with the written exam with flying colors.  The dreaded written exam is composed of multiple choices in fifty questions to test knowledge and intuition about situations inside a nursing home.  Below are related or similar situations:

  • One resident met a personal loss and her eating habit largely changed. Losing her spouse made her loss her appetite.  How do you manage?
  • What can be the management of an irate and violent resident in a public place in a nursing home?
  • What are the duties at the beginning of a shift?
  • What is the proper response to an alarm from another room while giving bed bath to the other in a far room?

These are just few of the scenarios similar to the practice exam.  If you reviewed well from the online training, you may have mastered a lot more scenarios.  The exam also include practical exam answered in demonstrations.


Online education is helpful in building a career because it is ready for the skills and trainings.  If you are already there but needs advancement, you can do so without quitting the job below are the following programs for CNA considerations:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programs
  • Associate of Science in Health Service Administration
  • Physician Assisting Programs

Know what you want.  Pursue a career to pursue your dreams. Seek for all the possibilities.  With all the opportunities being offered online today, what dreams left unreached?